i’m glad you came.

Second weekend of my new LDR-I-have-so-much-free-time-on-my hands-life and what do I do? Pick up a new hobby? Actually blog more like I promised? Go on a crazy awesome adventure and have the story of a lifetime to share?? Nope. I make the incredibly mind-numbing 12+ hour roundtrip drive to be home for exactly 48 hours. It’s shocking how exciting and independent my life has become.

So in full disclosure, yes, this is where the boy currently is but in my semi-defense, it was getting to surprise my mom for Mother’s Day that convinced me to make the last-minute trek (aaaaand maybe a little seeing the boy too). So at 8:30pm Friday night, my poor mother opened her front door expecting to find her Mother’s Day present and found her crazy daughter on her doorstep instead. Surpriseeee!

Weekend things:

  1. Leatherby’s in Elk Grove! And apparently the place to be on a Friday night.
  2. The Avengers. The Bestie reaaaally wanted me to mention I watched The Avengers and “write a review.” My review: Captain America is kinda boring, Iron Man/Robert Downey Jr. = hilarious, Thor = probably my favorite although I do have a littleee soft spot for The Hulk. Movie was pretty freakin’ awesome. And done :)
  3. Peaches are not one of those “juice-able” fruits. Remember this next time you attempt to hand-squeeze a peach, realize Magic-Bulleting the dang mutilated thing would probably be a better idea, and then end up with random peach chunks in your Mother’s Day brunch concoction. Whatever, still delicious.
  4. Best mom-line of the weekend when I was setting up her iPad:

K: Now you can Skype with me on your iPad!
Mom: [super-alarmed] What?? You’ll be able to see me??
K: Yes mom, there’s a camera on the iPad.
Mom: But I’ll have to pay for the camera right?
K: What? No, the iPad already has a camera.
Mom: So you’ll be able to see what I’m doing??
K: Yes mom, that would be how a webcam works.

Truth be told, I was pretty miserable adjusting last week and this trip home was exactly what I needed to make my heart happy again. Sometimes you just have to do exactly what you want :)

Hope everyone had a nice weekend as well!


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