it’ll all be alright.

Well, it’s here. The countdown to long distance-hood officially began for me last week. In less than a month, I will be LDRing it for at least the next 365 days. I’ve been thinking about/planning for/trying to push this day out of my mind since basically before the boy and I even started dating (well, officially dating. long Karina-dramatic story for another time) and it has finally crept up on me. I had a mini-LDR taste last summer when the boy was on the other coast for 8 weeks (2 WHOLE MONTHS!) aaaaand I might’ve been a wreck. Like bawling my eyes out the weeks up to, the hour before, AND on the drive home from the airport. Oh, and every single Skype session thereafter for the first few weeks.

Typical girl-crazy stuff, right?

It would be, except for one little tiny fact about me: I never cry. As in the only movie I have ever cried during was My Dog Skip (a few glistening tears and it was only because I had just read Where the Red Fern Grows, I swear). As in the Bestie told me I was an “emotional robot” in high school and I have been unable to convince her otherwise since. So realizing I had become one of those girls was actually quite extraordinary.

Well thaaaank goodness I got over that less-than-a-quarter-life crisis and have reverted back to my usual robot self, even if only temporarily. Only a month out and I still have yet to spontaneously combust into a full-blown cry fest (!).  Maybe it’s because it still hasn’t full on hit me yet (he’s leaving… you won’t be with him for a whole year… as in you will never ever ever both live in LA again!) or maybe I have actually prepared myself for this better than I thought. I’m sure it’s also helped my sanity that he will only be a 6 hour drive/1 hour flight away when the dreaded day comes. Either way, I selfishly get the boy all to myself for this last month and I plan to make the most of it. And when May does peek itself around the corner, I’ve already started setting some goals / have some fun things coming up that will hopefully make my faux-singledom life transition a little bit easier. And lucky for you all (and the Bestie), one of the items on the list includes more blogging :)

So in short:

  1. Unhappy countdowns stink
  2. Thank goodness for airplanes
  3. It’ll all be alright. :)

5 responses

  1. lol no worries! i just read your post :) and completely 110% agree with everything you said!! (ahem, normal LDR feelings Bestie) and GMAT studying/completing is actually one of my goals too :)

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