We’re all wieners.

Judy and I have been flirting with the idea of flirting with some TV execs to create a show about us. Realistically, no one would pay may money to watch a show about two random Asian girls a) not mud wrestling in their apartment b) talking about how awesome hummus is or c) re-enacting scenes from Bridesmaids (we’re not as cute as Kristin Wiig or Maya Rudolph). So one night, as we were watching the food network– or King of Sandwiches, to be more exact– I intoxicatingly suggested that we should have a show about hot dogs. These are the potential names of the show that we came up with:

  • Queen of Wieners
  • Queenerschnitzel
  • Beaner Wieners (Judy’s racist suggestion from Mexican style hot dogs)
  • Weenie Meanie Minie Moe
  • Two girls, one hot dog
  • Polish Sausages from Costco
  • Weird Wieners (a spin-off of Bizarre Foods, obviously)
  • Between my buns

Please help us in adovcating this idea to culinary television networks by picketing their corporate offices.



So sorry, but it has come to my attention that I “forgot” the “BEST” idea we came up with: TEENY WEENIES. Aka a show about Judy eating a bunch of tiny hot dogs and sausages. If anyone has access to a shrink ray, it would be incredibly macho and manly if they lent it to us.

Thanks again!


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