we fell in love in this club like a love song.

*Title inspired by this morning’s all-love-song playlist in spin :)

Happy Valentine’s Day! The Bestie can be such a Debbie Downer sometimes (love you!). Here is a little peak into what my Valentine’s Day festivities will consist of this year :)

Truth be told I think I only like Valentine’s Day because it gives me an excuse to bake, craft, and think up of little surprises for the boy. Three things I enjoy very much. I’ve never much cared for the fancy dinners out or the elaborate displays of love, all good and cute in romcoms but not exactly realistic in real life (not to say this isn’t nice every once in awhile, am I right ladies? :)).  And I agree with the Bestie, receiving a present just because the other person feels obligated is just awkward and uncomfortable. I’d much rather enjoy a quiet night in, sans expensive gifts, with a home cooked meal, some candles, and some good wine.

Which is exactly what I will be doing. What can I say, it is Valentine’s Day, and a girl should get her wish :)


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