Hello, world!

Greetings, new friends! We are Karina and Alexha, otherwise known as the Bestie & Beastie. We are best friends living through the hardships of having a relationship span from opposite ends of a cultural war, and this is our attempt to document our struggles. Sure, NorCal vs. SoCal isn’t nearly as political as N. Korea and S. Korean, or nearly as violent as the Yankees and Confederates, but I think the battles between the Sacramento Kings and the Lakers, the Giants and the Dodgers, and the Sharks and LA Kings have enough bloodshed to constitute warfare. Somehow we make it work.


If I had to describe Karina in one word, it would be sunshine. Why? Because she’s obsessed with pink & orange (what she refers to as “colors of the sun”), she always manages to soak in hours of sunlight and out-golden-tan me every year, and because she’s my sunshine on a cloudy day.
In the words of Karina:
This is Alexha. Resident wine connoisseur, domestic goddess, and photography fiend. Lover of all things Tom Brady and Draco Malfoy. Oh, and my best friend.
You can follow my random thoughts on twitter @chimiDONGHA

In case you were wondering what we look like, HERE IS AN ADORABLE PICTURE OF US!
Don’t worry, there will be plenty more where this came from :)
Awesome, now we’re all friends. Let’s get this party started!

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