First Date Jitters

I have this friend who seems like she’s always going on first dates. I always tell her I am super jealous because I LOVE first dates, and she systematically throws daggers at me with her eyes, scoffs, and tells me to fetch her another beer. It’s true though– I do love first dates– or at least the anticipation that lead up to them… THE BUTTERFLIES! Oh, how they flutter. Yes, I watch a lot of romantic comedies, but that is beside the point. I do not spend hours getting ready (it takes me exactly 2 minutes to roll out of bed and head to class, 5 minutes to get dressed for lunch with friends, and maybe, if you’re really lucky, 20 minutes to get ready for an event that requires something fancier than jeans and a sweatshirt). I certainly don’t lay in bed on the phone with the Beastie pondering the potential direction my life could suddenly take off in after this magical first date: will he let me name our kids Draco and Hermione? Is Sandals really as cool of a honeymoon vacation as the catchy commercials lead us to believe? If he doesn’t like my homemade baked mac&cheese, can I divorce him? No, I’M NOT A CRAZY PERSON, and, contrary to what movies say, girls don’t actually do that!

The truth is, I like first dates because I only have so many interesting facts about myself, and only so many semi-true-semi-hyperbolized anecdotes, so the first date is really where I strive. I turn into your 90-year-old grandma a few dates later on and start telling the same (still hilarious) jokes. And since we’re already being honest, I’ll let you in on another secret: I haven’t been on that many first dates. Shocking, I know! More on that later. But that’s probably another reason I’m always jealous of my aforementioned friend. I feel like everyone is always going on first dates except for me!

Anyways, since this is THE PROJECT’S first official post, I figured we could share some details that we’d probably reveal on your typical first date.

Alexha’s Favorite Movies:

  1. The Little Rascals
  2. The Princess Bride
  3. Crash
  4. Love Actually
  5. Bridesmaids (Beauty and the Beast until very recently)

Typical “lunch” question:

If I could have lunch with anyone, it would have to be Tina Fey and Mindy Kaling. Their sense of humor is so relate-able. At the risk of sounding like a feminist, I’d like to say that there are way too many depictions of unrealistic women on TV. Not in the typical sense this attack on social media is usually propaganda-ed:  “only supermodels are a size 2” and “women do more than just spend all day cooking in the kitchen.” No, I mean no one but Tina Fey will “shotgun” a pizza or show up to jury duty dressed as Princess Leia. THERE ARE REAL WOMEN OUT THERE WHO DO THIS, PEOPLE! And don’t even get me started on Mindy’s satirical portrayal as “the needy girlfriend” on The Office. Actually, do get me started [that’s what she said]. I’ll probably write another post on it, and it’ll be mostly videos, just like your favorite college class was. In the meantime, enjoy this “SH*T LIZ LEMON SAYS” video :)

Question UP FOR GRABS:

Since I am a lady, and a lady never reveals too much about herself, the last question I’ll answer for you this fine evening is this: my go-to karaoke song is SUNDAY MORNING by Maroon 5… unless I have a duet partner. Then it’s SUMMER LOVIN’ from GREASE.


Oh no, I hear a bell. That must mean our 5 minutes are up. Oh, you didn’t know this was speed dating? Well that explains why you spent this entire time looking dreamily into my eyes and scarfing down that ginormous piece of steak instead of sharing anything about yourself. I’d wipe that smear of beef juice dripping down your chin before my best friend comes over to talk to you next!


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